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Debris Separator for Landscaping

Put down your shovel and check this out! Clean your landscape rocks with this simple debris separator from a blower, a trash can, and a
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Turn Your Plunge-Base Router Into a Router Lift

Save money and instead of buying a dedicated router lift, turn your plunge base router into a router lift with this ‘Router Raizer’ add on.This
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Upgrading a Band Saw with a Faster RPM, Higher Horsepower Motor

In this video I upgrade the 3/4hp motor on my 14″ delta band saw to a 1.5hp motor with a faster RPM. Two pully
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Installing a Freeze Proof Sprinkler Water Supply

In this video I show you what’s needed and how to hook up a sprinkler water supply for a cold climate that freezes in the
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Fixing a Cold Shower

In this video we show how to fix a shower that won’t get hot (the fix also works if it won’t get cold). All it
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Installing 100,000 lumens of sweet, sweet LED goodness in the workshop. Yikes! I recently moved into a new shop and the lighting is abysmal! To fix this I picked up two packs of LED light
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